Classroom Notes 6/10-6/14

10 Jun

Our final week of kindergarten is filled with fun, engaging activities for the children. On Monday we visited the Children’s museum, where the children were able to explore the different parts of the museum. If you are able to this summer, it would be great for the children to go back to the museum and revisit some of their favorite spots. The children each decorated their very own art portfolio that was sent home on Wednesday, filled with every art project they have done throughout the entire year. We will be meeting with our fourth grade buddies for the final time on Wednesday at Berkley Park for a special end of the year party. We will be organizing games and special treats for all of the kids. On Thursday and Friday we will be cleaning the classroom and the children will be reflecting on their year in kindergarten by filling out a kindergarten memory book. We will be meeting with the other kindergarten classrooms to have each child sign one another’s book.

I feel so privileged to have been you childs’ Kindergarten teacher.  I have truly appreciated the support and friendship of all of you and it is hard to say good-bye.  I wish you all a fun and safe summer; your children are the best!!!!   


Classroom Notes 6/3-6/7

3 Jun

We can’t believe the end of the year is just right around the corner. The children are getting more excited each day. With that said, it is very important your child is still arriving to school each day on time, ready to learn. There is still many things they will be learning throughout each day. Also, next Monday, June 10, is our field trip to the Children’s Museum. Permission slips were sent home this week and need to be turned in by Friday, June 7, in order for your child to be able to attend. We will also be going on a walking field trip next Wednesday, June 12, with our 4th grade buddies to Berkley Park. A notice with information about the field trip will be sent home this week, too. 

This week in science we will be learning about bugs and different kinds of insects. This is a topic the children are very intrigued by, so feel free to ask them questions about what they learned at the end of each day. In math we will continue to use geoboards to create different sized shapes. Throughout the remainder of the year the children will write in their journals. They have made tremendous improvements in their writing and most students are writing at least three or more sentences while experimenting with different forms of punctuation. If you have any questions about the upcoming field trips or the last week of school please let us know. Thanks! 

Classroom Notes 5/28-5/31

28 May

The end of the year is approaching and the children are getting more excited for summer each day. We are so proud of the children’s progress they have shown throughout the year and will continue to show throughout these last few weeks. This week we will begin our new lead story, The Little Engine That Could. Many of the children have heard various versions of this story and are looking forward to the different whole-group activities. In writing, the children are beginning to write in their everyday journals again. Many of the children are becoming great writers and we are excited to see what they will produce throughout the remainder of the year. In math, we will be reintroducing geoboards and how to create squares and triangles on the geoboards. This activity encourages the children to reflect on what the components of each shape are. In science, we will start talking about various types of bugs and insects.

Looking forward, next week is Field Day, which will occur on the afternoon of June 6. If you would like to volunteer for this event please check with Millie, the P.E. teacher. The following week on Monday, June 10, is our field trip to the Children’s Museum. If you are interested in volunteering for this field trip please let us know. Lastly, we will be walking to Berkeley Park on Wednesday, June 12, with our fourth grade buddies for an end of the year party. We will have lunch and play games throughout the afternoon there. Although the end of the year is approaching we have a lot of information to cover. Please make sure you’re sending your children to school each day ready to learn. Thanks! 

Classroom Notes 5/20-5/25

19 May

It’s hard to believe that the school year is coming to an end, but we still have a lot of work to do! This week Miss Megan will be performing end of the year math assessments on the children. These assessments specifically focus on counting to 100, recognizing shapes, counting up from a given number, and problem solving. These are skills that we have focused on throughout the entire year and skills the children need to have before they go into first grade. 

Our new lead story is called Messenger, Messenger. We will do whole group activities throughout the week that require the students to analyze and depict events from the story. In writing, the children will begin their non-fiction writing books. Each of them have created a chart that describes the habitat, diet, and description of their animal. They will use this chart to guide them with their writing. We are excited to see how well the children are doing with their writing!

We have our field trip to see Cinderella this Wednesday. The children, and us, are looking forward to this play and are very appreciative of the amount of volunteers who have signed up to attend this field trip. Lastly, just a reminder that it’s very important that your child is coming to school, these last few weeks are essential!  

Classroom Notes 5/13-5/17

14 May

This week in kindergarten we have many exciting things going on. First of all, Miss Megan has just completed her solo teaching so the two of us will co-teach for the remainder of the year. In writing, we will begin to introduce non-fiction books and writing. The children have all checked out non-fiction books from the school library that we will be using to introduce how to write non-fiction stories and why they are important. We are also consistently reminding the children to space words, use high-frequency words, and to challenge themselves each and every day.

In math, we have will continue with problem solving and number writing. Within the next few weeks we will be end of the year math assessments. Please feel free to practice shape recognition and counting to 100 with your children at home. Our lead story this week is Mayday! We will be doing whole-group activities, which include handwriting, prediction, and extracting information from the text. 

Looking ahead, we have our field trip to Cinderella next Wednesday, May 22. Please be sure to fill out the permission slip sent home with your child and return it to school. With only 5 weeks of school left, it’s crucial that your child is coming to school on time each day. The morning work is becoming more challenging and it’s important each child is able to complete their morning work prior to the start of the school day. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. Thanks! 

Classroom Notes 5/6-5/10

7 May

We would like to say thank you to everyone who participated in Art Night. It was a huge success! Specifically, we want to thank the parents who helped with the art lessons, the student docents, and the students who were not docents but still came and supported their school. We are very proud to have such an enthusiastic and dedicated class. 

This week we will begin our study on earthworms and red worms. We will be observing the different types of worms, recording our observations, and eventually comparing and contrasting the worms. The children are very excited to learn about the various types of bugs and seem to be enjoying their new science journal. In math, we will begin to focus in on problem solving and writing number sentences. Please feel free to have your children practice number writing, and writing number sentences at home. 

We have a new lead story this week called Max Takes the Train. This story is about the different types of transportation the main character takes to finally reach his destination. We will be exploring the different types of transportation in our society, practice vocabulary writing, creating a venn diagram, and creating a word web. We will continue to work on the vocabulary words from last week: of, because, friend, and came. In writing we will begin to focus on non-fiction and how to write a story that is non-fiction. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to stop by the classroom. Thanks! 

Classroom Notes 4/29-5/3

30 Apr

This is a busy week in Kindergarten! We have finally begun our study on snails. The children will be recording their observations in their science journal each day. Don’t be surprised if they come home wanting to look for snails or tell you about the many facts they have learned, they seem to be very intrigued with this topic!

In writing this week we will begin to focus in on small moments from the children’s life. The children will write about things they have done in the past and reflect on these events. We are also encouraging the children to revise, edit, and add detail to their writing. We have a new lead story this week. This is a fiction story called Abuela. We will be doing whole-group activities related to this story. In math, the children have just learned about dimes and the value of dimes. We will now begin to focus on number patterns, even and odd numbers, and counting on.

Lastly, please remember that Art Night is this Thursday from 6:00-8:00. We have chosen four pieces of the children’s artwork to present that they have created throughout the year. We would love for all of the families to come and see the beautiful artwork your children have worked very hard on creating.